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About us

We see ourselves as a fashionable and sustainable activewear brand for REAL people. Real people - meaning just about any type and shape of a figure! We are based in Prague, however we focus on the whole European market.

In addition to high-quality and trendy activewear, we also design and produce comfortable casual clothing (loungewear) for both leisure and travel.
We focus on small capsule collections in order to offer you a variety of products, yet keep it special and rare! We focus on the production of clothes in larger sizes, so that, regardless of the body size and shape - absolutely everyone can afford to look neat, beautiful and at the same time feel comfortable.
Our collection includes garments for power-gym, running and yoga.

Our sizes range from 1X (European L) to 5X (European 4XL).

Our vision

At Mondo Vitality we believe in a healthy lifestyle and want to inspire people to live active, healthy and happy lives. We would love to convince people of any size and shape that it is possible to look great and feel good in any clothing size. It is with our sportswear that we want to give men and women the opportunity to wear quality items with an unusual and fashionable design.
We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident while wearing anything from the assortment.

MV Mission

We believe in a healthy lifestyle and want to inspire people to live active, healthy and happy lives.


We aim to provide environmentally friendly activewear that is fun and cozy to wear. All garments are designed in Germany and produced in Europe. We understand and value social responsibility and entrepreneurial activity and thus choose only fair and responsible partners to work with in order to ensure the sustainable production of our garments.
Our designers work with great attention to detail, so that there is no discomfort while wearing Mondo Vitality clothes. Tags and labels are placed in a way so that customers can take them off completely without destroying the product. As for the prints on all our branded products - special technology is used for long lasting prints. All of the prints are stretchable in a way that doesn’t allow for splits or cracks.


We use both natural and synthetic fabrics to ensure the maximum comfort. As for synthetic material, our eye fell on fabrics that contain Nylon from ECONYL® yarn - a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle and etc.: all such materials, once they have reached the end of their useful life, instead of being disposed of in the landfill, are recovered and regenerated by means of a complex chemical-physical process.
The fabrics are made and delivered by the Italian supplier Carvico whose business vision focuses on a deep respect for man and for the environment and translates into a real sustainability commitment to safeguarding the health of their staff, local communities and the global ecosystem through a series of projects.


Our packaging uses sustainable options that contain no plastic. Our packaging bags also come from Europe.

It is made from sustainable plants (PLA and PBAT) and thus can be composted directly at home without leaving any waste.


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